On January 7 th , 1930 , Letters Temporary were issued to Overlea Assembly under the sponsorship of Overlea Chapter No.85, Order of the Eastern Star. Three months later, the degrees were conferred upon the charter class of 37 girls.

In 1934, Miss Harriett Kerchoff was appointed the first Supreme Deputy from Maryland . She served until 1937 when Mrs. Minnie Seward, from Overlea Assembly No. 1 was appointed. Mrs. Seward resigned in April 1940, and was replaced by Mr. N. Ellsworth Bunce of Waverly Assembly No. 4. Mr. Bunce served until 1952 when Miss Ruth Maisch, of Overlea Assembly, became Supreme Deputy. In 1958, Supreme Assembly appointed Miss. Miriam T. Kirby as Supreme Deputy. In 1990, Mary Adeline Bradford became Maryland's Supreme Representative. She continued to serve as Supreme Inspector until her installation as Supreme Worthy Advisor in July 2012, when Chris Roby, of Cumberland Assembly, became Supreme Deputy. Mary Adeline Bradford resumed her position as Supreme Inspector at the conclusion of her term as Supreme Worthy Advisor in July 2014.

By 1960, Maryland had constituted 8 assemblies and the Grand Assembly of Maryland was formed. The first Grand Worthy Advisor was Miss Louise Thompson of Dundalk Assembly. Maryland , IORG continued to grow and during the ensuing years 8 more assemblies were formed. Maryland Rainbow stretched across the state and in 2009, Montgomery Assembly #11 moved into the District of Columbia to become, Capital Assembly #11, the first assembly to meet in our nation's capital.

History of Maryland Assemblies



Date Instituted

Overlea No. 1


April 12 1930

Faith No. 2


May 30 1932

Dundalk No. 3


November 16 1940

Waverly No. 4


September 27 1941

Salisbury No. 5


May 24 1944

Cumberland No. 6


May 28 1948

Berlin No. 7


March 12 1952

Charity No. 8


June 14 1958

Chesapeake No. 9


March 23 1963

Talbot No. 10

St. Michaels

March 31 1964

Ellicott No. 2*

Ellicott City

March 19, 1966

Oakland No. 8*


September 11 1971

Glen Burnie No. 10**

Glen Burnie

October 29 1977

Nanticoke No. 4*


April 29 1978

Montgomery No. 11***


August 23 1983

Hope No. 12


September 13 1992

Laurel No. 13


November 7 1992

Charity No. 14


February 10, 2013

*   It was practice to reassign numbers when an assembly closed

**  In 2007 Glen Burnie moved to Odenton to become Odenton #10

*** In 2009 Montgomery moved to DC to become Capital # 11

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